Signs showing that your new dating should just be a friend and not your next lover

We’re all guilty of falling into the trap of dating someone who’s nothing more than a friend with benefits. But if you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to reevaluate what’s going on, and whether you should be letting this person continue to play games with your heart.

If any of these signs are popping up for you and your new love interest, it might be time to just give them a chance as friends and to be your regular Houston escorts:

You Don’t Feel Comfortable Sharing Personal Things 

If you are comfortable sharing your most personal stories with your partner, then that’s a good sign. If you are not at ease, it might be best to avoid any further development of the relationship.

A lot has been written about how important it is for couples to share their deepest secrets and fears with each other in order to build trust and intimacy in a relationship. 

This can be difficult for many people because they have had bad experiences sharing these things before or feel ashamed about them. But without doing this step properly, there will be no chance at true love or happiness together. 

If this level of comfort isn’t present yet then don’t worry.  Just keep getting closer until eventually those feelings come naturally.

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Not Trying To Get To Know You Better

When you ask a simple question and give an evasive answer, you know. It might be time to move on if they don’t care enough to ask or answer personal questions. If they’re not trying to get to know you better, then they aren’t interested in anything long-term with you.

Not Interested In Getting To Know Your Friends And Family

If they are not interested in getting to know your friends and family, then they are not interested in you. If a person is truly interested in being with you, they will want to get to know the people who mean so much to your life. If someone cares about what makes you happy, they will want to meet those who make up your world.

Lack Of Time Together

If you’ve never hung out with just the two of you, it’s not a good sign. You can’t really get to know someone unless you spend time alone with them. If there are no sparks or chemistry between the two of you, there won’t be anything to build on in future dates and relationships.

If they’re always busy when asked out on a date, or continually cancel plans last minute without rescheduling them, they may just be trying to avoid being alone with someone they don’t find attractive enough. 

They Make An Excuse Not To Hang Out With You

If your date makes an excuse not to hang out with you because they have something else going on, it’s a sign that they are not interested in a relationship. If someone wants to spend time with you and get closer, they’ll find a way around their schedule or cancel the other plans so that they can see you.

In Conclusion 

Be realistic and avoid getting hurt over someone who is not into you.